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The work, which requires the full attention and a clear mind. Interconnected ideas that would reinforce the theme and opens up a new vision of the problem.

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The e-rater engine uses machine learning and natural language processing that has been developed over a decade of research to identify grammar errors in written work. The e-rater engine in WriteCheck is the same technology used for automated scoring in the written sections of the GRE® and TOEFL® standardized tests.

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e-rater engine

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Having a major in history, I was surprised to receive a paper that is written in such a professional style. I even had to do some additional research, as some information from the essay was new for me. Thanks to the expert writers of EssayPay, I can get a high grade. Thank you, guys!

How does the e-rater technology by ETS work?

The e-rater technology feedback is more comprehensive, including additional categories of errors not found in MS Word, and allows for students to investigate and understand writing errors by linking to the Writer’s Handbook rather than automatically accepting or rejecting the marks as in Microsoft Word. The e-rater error feedback was designed specifically with student writing in mind.

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